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Did you know that living in a warm climate, like the tropics of the Florida Keys is actually better for your health? It’s true and Stanford University has conducted studies which coincides with research compiled by the World Health Organization that prove it to be a fact.

You might ask why is it more healthy to live in a tropical climate? What does the warmth do for your body that you can’t get in the midwest, the northeast, or the northwest?

Basically, it comes down to the climate. Geography has its benefits. When you live in a location where there’s sunshine nearly every day of the year and temperatures don’t go from one extreme to another, your body does have to adjust and that puts less strain on various systems.

The Lifestyle of the Florida Keys

The weather makes for the lifestyle in the Florida Keys, because of the tropical climate, it’s quintessential island living. A warm, balmy breeze sweeps over the island both day and night. Unlike other places in the country, here the lifestyle is laid-back, and the pace of the day is slow. Sandals, t-shirts, and shorts are everyday wear, and the attitude is come as you are in retail and dining establishments.

Because of the weather, residents here don’t pay exorbitantly high utility bills. And since there’s no snow and ice, vehicles have a longer lifespan, as do the residents.

Notable Health Advantages of Living in a Warmer Climate

Some of the more notable health advantages of living in a warmer climate, like the one in the Florida Keys, aren’t surprising because they’re common sense.

First and foremost is the stress free environment. Big cities are unwieldy, nerve racking places where street noise, pollution, and overdriven paces are present everyday. But not in the Keys.

Another health advantage of living in a warmer climate is less physical demand. Shoveling snow and scraping ice are quite labor intensive and cause back pain. Speaking of snow and ice, there’s substantially less risk of slip and fall.

Arthritis can be challenging to live with. But if you live in a warmer climate, you’ll feel less discomfort because it’s warm water and being able to do aquatic exercises will relieve the symptoms.

Last, but certainly not least is being able to do more, more often. Nearly 3000 hours of sunshine per year means more opportunity for outdoor activities and an active body is a more healthy body.

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